To Our Valued Customers,

Piggly Wiggly is proud to be serving our community at a time when you need us most. We care about our employee owners and customers, and are taking precautions as the situation with COVID-19 develops.

To protect our employee owners, we have implemented rigorous sanitizing procedures, provided hand sanitizer and gloves, and are allowing the use of protective masks. Plexiglass shields have been installed on registers to provide a barrier at the point of sale. We are also providing sick pay for those impacted with COVID-19 during treatment, isolation, or caring for a family member. Should we have a an employee who tests positive for COVID-19, we will take immediate steps as outlined by the State and Federal government to thoroughly sanitize the store, as well as identify and provide support for any other employee who may have been in close contact with the infected individual. A notice will be posted at the store location, as well as on the store's individual Facebook page.

Earlier in the month we began dedicating the first hour of store operations to senior customers and those who have a medical condition that puts them at risk from COVID-19. Signage has also been put in place to encourage social distancing and floors have been marked to provide adequate spacing between customers during the check-out process. "We are adapting and innovating to safely serve all our valued customers during this unprecedented time" according to CEO and President, Marc Jones.

Our employee owners are constantly sanitizing check stands and cleaning all shopping carts before they are put back into service. For public safety many items are limited, and returns are prohibited on items that are frequently overbought. We have stopped selling from bulk bins as well as salad and olive bars.

Our corporate leadership has worked with our online delivery partner to increase the capacity for delivery and pick up which is available at some of our locations.

We are working tirelessly to increase delivery schedules and procure additional product from our vendor partners, and have increased capacity at our own warehouse facilities. We have turned to multiple local vendors including those who would normally supply the food service industry. We have also welcomed food trucks onto our parking lots at no charge, and have opened their doors for several local restaurants to provide take home meals in the deli departments with no mark up from the company. This has provided income and jobs that would not have existed otherwise. "It has been our pleasure to work with local eateries and provide them with a point of sales for their great food," said Chris Rogers, Deli Director for HAC, Inc.

We are also coordinating donations with several local charities including the Food Bank.

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